What are the Reasons Behind The Wide Acceptance Of PHP In Web Development?

PHP is the most famous server side scripting language used for web development. Latest figures say that at present more than 80% of the websites on internet are powered by PHP language. PHP is more popular than other technologies like ASP.NET, Java, Python etc. The latest version for PHP is PHP 7 which has many upgradation. You can always trust PHP for web development and applications.

There are many advantages of PHP for web development. Here we are discussing about the reasons behind the wide acknowledgment of PHP in Web Development.

Made for Web Development hence in-built features

PHP was created from the very beginning for web development whereas other programming languages were developed for web as well as the desktop development. Therefore PHP comes with specific features which are needed for developing web applications and websites. In PHP, you can use in-built classes and functions to do general web development operations. Many of the people also first create a design of their website and then go for development. They can use the PSD to HTML conversion services of some company which is offering these services.

Platform Independent

PHP can run on all operating systems like Linux, Windows, Mac OS etc. Therefore web applications developed in PHP can run on all platforms. You can also deploy the PHP application on any web server like Apache, Netscape, IIS etc. Hence you can easily develop web applications using PHP without have to worry about the deployment and hosting.

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Easy to learn

PHP can be learned easily. PHP has sensible sentence structure and the summon capacity explaining what they do. The developers who have experience in C or Perl can without much problem learn the language structure of PHP. It is not at all difficult to develop web applications using PHP.

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Compatible with all databases

In most of the web application, there is a need to access and deliver a large amount of data efficiently. Therefore companies want to utilize the fastest database in the backend. PHP support all the databases like widely used MySQL, ODBC, PostgreSQL, SQLite, dBase etc. Hence you can use any of the database with PHP as per your requirements and preference.

Effective Features

PHP is a Hypertext Preprocessor, the server-side scripting language. It offers great client involvement in the web applications. Embedding into the HTML-PHP is utilized for creating and keeping online applications, CMS, custom applications, applications for many devices, complex programming etc and give a tough competition to the Java, .NET and others. For the advancement of Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Zen Cart and others, PHP advancement is extremely valuable. Before the PHP development if there is a requirement for PSD to HTML conversion then you can go for it.

Development using LAMP

Using PHP you can do the development and deployment of web application by using LAMP. LAMP stack includes Linux, Apache web server, MySQL and PHP. You can also use PHP with any other operating system, database and web server to develop and deploy web applications. Therefore PHP development is very easy.

PHP is open source

PHP has been developed by large open source community of developers and updated regularly. If you are doing development in PHP, you can stay connected with the open source community through online help forums and blogs and resolve your PHP issues easily.

These are some of the reasons why PHP is preferred over other programming languages for developing web applications. Using PHP you will get the benefits of PHP being open source, also you can use its existing libraries and framework therefore removing the need to write code for all features yourself. PHP is fast and easy to learn therefore PHP is the best choice for web development.


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